Who We Are

CAS is a group of companies with design, engineering, media, and IT services. In response to the pandemic, we have dedicated our time and energy to businesses and organizations throughout the States that need PPE.

We supply to private businesses and organizations, healthcare providers, cities and counties where PPE is needed.

CAS takes care of sourcing, inspection, shipment and all of the time-consuming efforts associated with procuring products.

As we all look toward life after the Coronavirus pandemic has passed, business recovery is on everyone’s mind. This includes assessing operations, bringing workforce back to work, and ensuring a safe workplace.

If you don’t have the gear, you can’t safely manage your workplace.

We are committed to ensure you have what you need to build pandemic resiliency into your business with the lessons learned from Coronavirus.

100 Million Mask Challenge

CAS has responded to the 100 Million Mask Challenge, expanded nationwide by the American Hospital Association.

We are involved in the endeavor by communities and individuals across the country to coordinate efforts—facilitate new relationships with hospitals and health systems—in order to rapidly produce needed PPE on a large scale for our nation’s health care heroes.

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